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Hydraulic hose Crimping Machine

Hose Crimping Machine

These machines are highly customizable, offering color, wheel, and electronic screen control options. They also feature six core patented technologies, greatly favored by customers.

Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Hydraulic Hose Crimper Machine

HH-P52, capable of pressing hoses up to 2″ with 4 layers, offers versatile crimping modes through its numerical control panel.

Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimper

The manual pump operation of buckle pressure mode can flow operation, which is suitable for use without power supply. 

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We Promise our maintenance of hydraulic hose making machine in all life, as long as it is our machine.

HENGHUA HYDRAULIC is a well-established brand in the manufacturing industry. For two decades, we have been dedicated to producing and marketing hose crimping machines. Our production standards are tailored to meet the specific requirements of countries around the world. These high-quality crimping machines have been exported for over 12 years, and they have found a home in more than 40 countries. Our global customer base relies on our dependable hose crimpers for their diverse applications.


CE and 6 Core Patant Certification.


Serve clents any time 24hours everyday including weekend.

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Low price but good quality, why? Because we are factory sale.


Beautiful appearance, we learn it from famous brand finn power.


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"Hannah, please guide me on where I should direct my feedback to ensure that it is taken seriously. Whether it's to the HR Director or the CEO, I'm ready to share my thoughts and contribute to the improvement of your team. You never know, this feedback might make a positive impression on your future boss. I must applaud the salesperson for their exceptional professionalism. They communicated effectively and followed up diligently. You can certainly trust their dedication. Moreover, the quality of materials provided exceeds the price point, making it a valuable investment. Lastly, a big congratulations to Hannah hah for her unwavering seriousness and commitment."
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Carlos Paz
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Created with Premium Quality
Just for You

Mould Base

Forged with 20CR material and hardened by heat treatment for higher wear resistance. 


High Accurate Micrometer

Micrometer is same as finn power, they are interchangeable. It’s easy to operate good stability high accuracy


Dies Rack

With quick change tool and dies table, the dies could be installed in the dies holder, more convenient for operate.



The regular motor power is 3.7 KW; Can customize the voltage or motor power regarding your requirement.

machine Moter​

Quick Change

With quick change tool, could change the whole set dies once, convenient for your work and save your time


Dies Molds

13 sets dies for free, could customize the different size or different pattern dies molds regarding your requirements.





  • Hydraulic Hose Repair Workshop
  • Hydraulic Hoses And Fittings Store
  • Hydraulic Service Van
  • Mechanical Engineering Repair Site
  • Hydraulic Hose Assembly Distributor
  • Hydraulic Hoses & Industrial Hose
  • End of Tubes
  • Industrial Cables
  • Wire Rope
  • Air Suspension
  • By air, 1 week delivery
  • By sea, 15 days to 40 days delivery
  • By train, 10 days to 40 days delivery
  • Use your own cargo agency

We usually keep the machine in stock, please kindly tell me which model you want,we will provide you more detail information.

We will provide a guarantee to keep the machine in good repair within 12 months from the day when the machine is purchased. All fitting troubles will be free of charge repaired (or replaced if necessary) during the guarantee period. The damage resulted from improper use o accident damage does not belong to free of charge repair range.

Yes,we are very experience on customize dies, suck like for air conditioning,brake hose and so on. We could customize the dies pattern or dies number regarding your requirement.

Yes, We complete testing each machine before send,no need anymore adjust,we package installation instructions and use tip for each machine,we also could provide the operate video.

Yes,we can customize the color regarding your requirement.

machine assemble
machine assemble

If you encounter any problems in pressing hydraulic hose or are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a timely reply.